Jean Christope Hubert

Journey through the works of Nunziante.

Antonio Nunziante privileges in his work intelligence, reflection and reasoning. He is one of the major artists of the late twentieth century and early twenty-one century.

He achieves the perfection in what is purely beautiful, in what is balanced. Nunziante take care of experience, memories, hope and emotion.
He emphysising timeless elementary and universal shapes.He has an extreme refinement recalls to the Italian Renaissance.
From this alchemy of forms a new spiritual life seems to be born with emanation of stability.

The spirit contained in his compositions seems to open up the consciousness of the world. The greatest quality of Antonio Nunziante is, thanks to an exceptional technique, to deepen the artistic practices of the great masters and to reject the limits of their different universes.

Antonio Nunziante's perfect technical mastery allows him to approach the heart of Leonardo Da Vinci's creations. Thanks to many studies, Nunziante has found the same technical ability of the Renaissance Masters.

For the maximum pleasure of the public, Antonio Nunziante therefore allows us to walk in the footsteps of Leonardo Da Vinci...