VERSO - Antonio Nunziante

TD ART GALLERY - Via Gramsci, 4/i - Milano Marittima (RA)
da lunedì alla domenica - 10.00/13.30 e 19.00/00.00

DAL 24/08 AL 08/09

Inaugurazione il 24/08 alle ore 18:00
Antonio Nunziante
Intervista a cura di Luca Beatrice

VERSO. La nuova mostra personale di Antonio Nunziante curata da Luca Beatrice alla Galleria TD_Art Gallery di Crema in collaborazione con Bluwire.
VERSO - Antonio Nunziante

Verso is the title of this new personal exhibition at the T-D art gallery in Crema, directed by Ivan Todaro and Roberto Dominelli and curated by Luca Beatrice. Together with about twenty recent paintings and some sculptures, the public will be able to see an unseen 'technological' Nunziante on show. [...]

The public will thus be involved in a total visual and sound experience. Painting is then transformed into an experiential factor, abandoning static form to become a dynamic object that proposes a different and surprising approach. Verso is first and foremost a challenge, which Nunziante has taken up willingly and enthusiastically.

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In Florence on Tuesday 19 July the presentation of the "Catalogo Generale"

On Tuesday, July 19, at 5 p.m., in Florence at Palazzo Strozzi Sacrati, headquarters of the regional government, President Eugenio Giani will present the volume "Catalogo generale delle opere di Antonio Nunziante".

Speciale Nunziante

Orler Tv
On Sunday 26 June at 10 a.m., on the Orler TV channels, the "Speciale Nunziante".
Where we will present the 13th volume of the General Catalogue of my Works realised with Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori.

It will be visible in web streaming at the following link

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Now in print the General Catalog of the works of Antonio Nunziante (13th volume)

"An important day today: we are at Artistica Savigliano, a company of excellence, to follow the printing of Antonio Nunziante's General Catalog (13th volume) and to celebrate Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori's renewed collaboration with Maestro Nunziante. The volume is edited by Giovanni Faccenda."

Carlo Motta

Color tests - 13th volume of the General Catalog, Publisher Giorgio Mondadori

"Dear art collectors,
for all of you who have published in the 13th volume of the General Catalog of the Works
of Antonio Nunziante - Publisher Giorgio Mondadori, I would like to inform you that this morning I have checked
all the color tests, while my collaborators have been reviewing the details of the latest drafts."


25-26-27 Marzo 2022
Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Art Parma Fair


18/19/20 Marzo 2022


from 10 to 12 December 2021
My works will be exhibited at the 24th edition of the Forlì Contemporary Fair.
Stand 38 - A.

L'arte in cucina

Artists meet the chefs.

Fifth volume of the series created by Domenico Monteforte, which has become a TV format of "Gambero Rosso", hosted by Nilufar Addati: fifty artists propose as many recipes, "certified" by top chefs. This edition also features interviews with Nilufar Addati, to the singer Rosanna Fratello, the artist Antonio Nunziante and Stefano Busti, a renowned Tuscan cheese producer. On the cover a magnificent risotto created by Lorenzo de Vivo Martini, chef of the Jbeach Restaurant in Cala Juncu. Texts by Domenico Monteforte, Rita Fusco, Filippo Lotti, Susanna Donatella Campione, Francesca Navali, Fabrizio Diola, Umberto Guidi.


31st EDITION from 12th to 15th November
Four days of art, where my works will be on display.

You can find us at stand 210, Pavilion 7 at the Padua Exhibition Center.


art becomes therapy.
New multidimensional hospitalization where art, nature and artificial intelligence become care for the patient.
Wednesday 27 Ottobre 2021, 15:00

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Antonio Nunziante

General catalog of works
The 13o general catalogs of the works of Maestro Nunziante will soon be print.

Publisher Giorgio Mondadori