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art becomes therapy.
New multidimensional hospitalization where art, nature and artificial intelligence become care for the patient.
Wednesday 27 Ottobre 2021, 15:00

The cancer patient is often afraid, withdrawn from his physical limitations, uncertain about his future, fatigued by the duration of the therapies. His expectations concern of course the treatment and healing, but also the acceptance and understanding of this he is experiencing and the meaning that this unexpected situation has in his life.

With the Art4Art project we intend to offer our patients artistic paths guided to help them find an answer to their expectations: the aim of this initiative it is in fact to increase the ability to face and live this particular moment of his own human experience, proposing the beauty of art as a support therapy.

The Art4Art platform therefore wants to offer a meeting place for the different narratives arts can offer large dimensions of man: so will music, poetry and literature, cinema, painting and photography, sculpture and monuments to tell and to communicate great values such as ... friendship, love, attention, courage, care of self, enthusiasm, passion and spirituality. It is these dimensions of the human that enter in difficulty and disturb the feelings and emotions of each individual patient and his / her family during the treatment process, and who need to be illuminated by beauty and depth of art.

We are grateful to the many artists who have decided to donate their works to support our patients in this path. In particular, Maestro Antonio Nunziante has imbued the places of care of our Department. Our appreciation and gratitude go to him. It is with great pleasure that we want share his particular message of proximity and participation in the expectations of sharing and of sense of our patients.

It will be possible to follow the event live even remotely by accessing via the link https://unicattlive.eminerva.eu